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IASC - Looking Forward - Plans for the near future (John Powell, President)

IASC - Looking forward


A wiki page where we can present ourselves, and what interests us in health commons. Do not comment but click on the title "Presentation" and do edit. :)

  • Fabio – I am developing Breathing Games, a common about respiratory health. For me, commons can facilitate the appropriation and dissemination of health care by individuals and communities as they value co-creation and free access to innovation.
  • ...

Scoping review on health commons

As posted in the blog, I would like to do a scoping review on health / medic* commons.

A scoping review aims "to present a broad overview of the evidence pertaining to a topic, [...] useful when examining areas that are emerging, to clarify key concepts and identify gaps" (Tricco et al., 2016).

Please feel free to use this wiki page to add suggestions, ideas, etc.

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