Remembering Elinor Ostrom

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This group is a place to share your memories of Lin Ostrom. How did she inspire you? How will you carry on her legacy? Please share your memories and stories here. You can also share links to stores being written about Lin. See the Guardian blog about the loss of Lin so close to Rio+20 by Ruth Meinzen-Dick at


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Recent publication on the history of the "Commons paradigm" (including an analysis on Elinor Ostrom involvement in the field)


Fabien Locher, « Third World Pastures. The Historical Roots of the Commons Paradigm (1965-1990) », Quaderni Storici, 2016/1, avril 2016, pp. 303-333.

Esther Mwangi on Elinor Ostrom


Paul Romer on Elinor Ostrom winning the Nobel Prize in Economics 12 October 2009

Skyhoods versus Cranes: The Nobel Prize for Elinor Ostrom by Paul Romer for Charter Cities.

Elinor Ostrom makes Times Top 100 2012

Robert Johnson of the Institute for New Economic Thinking describes what made Elinor Ostrom one of Times' Top 100 Influential People in the World for 2012:,28804,2111975_2111976_2111960,00.html

New York Times commentary on Elinor Ostrom June 12, 2012

KitaFuji organizers send condolences with Margaret McKean

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Remembering Elinor Ostrom - Peggy Smith


I was very sad to hear of Lin Ostrom's passing this past week. I first met Lin during the International Forestry Resources and Institutions training in Bloomington in 1999. I formed lasting bonds with her, the students I studied with and the other instructors. I continue to work with IFRI. Although not yet successful, I have been talking for years about forming an IFRI Collaborating Research Centre in Canada, with a focus on forest management on Indian reserve lands. This is still something I would like to do in Lin's honour.

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